Majority of Micro-Businesses To Vote Remain Tomorrow

With all eyes on tomorrow’s EU referendum, a survey suggests the majority of small businesses will vote against a Brexit

Majority of Micro-Businesses To Vote Remain Tomorrow

The majority of micro-business owners and freelancers will vote for the UK to remain a member of the European Union (EU) in the referendum tomorrow, according to research from FreeAgent.

In a survey of 346 micro-business owners (employing fewer than 10 staff) and freelancers, 73% of respondents said that they were not in favour of a “Brexit” and 72% said they felt leaving the EU would negatively impact the UK’s economy.

Just 5% of the business owners surveyed said leaving the EU would positively affect their business, in stark contrast to the 49% who believed a Brexit would be harmful to their business.

Many businesses seem ambivalent to the final outcome of the referendum; 32% of business owners were adamant that neither result would make a difference to the performance of their firm.

Ed Molyneux, CEO and co-founder of FreeAgent, said:

“Freelancers and micro-businesses comprise around 95% of the UK’s total number of businesses, yet they are regularly overlooked when it comes to discussing issues that affect the UK economy. But it’s clear that they have some very strong feelings about the EU referendum.”

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