42% of Small Businesses Still Undecided About Brexit Vote

Over half of the UK’s small and medium enterprise owners do not feel informed about the upcoming EU referendum

42% of Small Businesses Still Undecided About Brexit Vote

42% of small business owners are still undecided about how they’ll vote in the upcoming EU referendum on June 23, a report by the Federation of Small Business (FSB) has found.

Surveying more than 4,000 small companies, nearly half of the respondents claimed they could still be persuaded to change their minds before the polling date.

A large number of small business owners said they wanted more information of the economic impact a British exit (Brexit) would have on the UK.

38% cited the need for more detail on the administrative burden of complying with EU regulation, while 33 % argued for the need need more detail on the cost of EU membership.

Mike Cherry, FSB policy firector, said:

“Our wide ranging research sends a very clear message on what information small businesses want from both official campaigns once they are appointed by the Electoral Commission.

“Now the date is confirmed, it is clearly ‘game on’ for both sides on this debate. It is crucial that once appointed, both the ‘Remain’ and ‘Leave’ campaign groups tackle this information deficit.

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