Three Quarters of Small Business Owners Will Work through Christmas

One in five small and mid-sized business entrepreneurs will have no break during the holidays

Research has revealed the majority (76%) of small business owners resolve to work throughout the holidays with 17% planning to take no time off at all.

The findings, which come from a survey of 500 small and mid-sized firms, found that over half of the respondents plan to work at least three hours a day with 15% stating they will work more than half a day.

Younger business owners seem better at balancing work and home life, with just 17% feeling they need to improve it compared to 42% of business owners aged 55 and over.

The disparity between older and younger generation business owners appears to be primarily due to a focus on bottom lines, as 71% of older business owners believe it will directly affect profit compared to 35% of the 18-24 age group.

Gary Turner, managing director of accounting firm Xero, who commissioned the survey, commented on the findings:

“As Christmas approaches, small business owners, like anyone else, deserve a break.

“But these results highlight that even during a time like the festive season, it isn’t possible for most of them to switch off altogether, meaning it is essential they make the most of cloud technology to stay up to date when they are away.”

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