Small Businesses “Don’t Believe” They’re at Risk of Cyber Crime

More than a third of UK business owners have been the victim of cyber-attacks such as hacking, phishing and pharming

Small Businesses “Don’t Believe” They’re at Risk of Cyber Crime

Two in five UK businesses (44%) don’t believe they are at risk of cyber-crime while more than a third would not know what to do if they became victims, according to a new report by Aviva.

Despite the perceived lack of risk, the study found that more than one-third of businesses have suffered a cyber-attack with almost a quarter of business owners (23%) admitting to being unaware of how to protect themselves from a security breach.

For those small firms which haves suffered a cyber-crime, 75% said it cost up to £1,000 to put things right.

Between May and August of last year, there were a reported two and a half million incidents of cyber-crime.

This report comes only a week after it was revealed more than a half of small businesses are at “high risk” of a security breach.

Angus Eaton, managing director of commercial lines at Aviva, said:

“These criminals operate in ever more sophisticated ways using malicious codes to search out vulnerabilities online so anyone could become a target.

“Protecting your business from cyber-crime is good business because your customers want the reassurance that their data is safe in your hands.

“If you haven’t done so already now is the time to put cyber risk on your agenda and take action to help prevent your business becoming a target.”

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