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From expert sales tips to deciding upon a social media strategy for your business; is4profit’s sales and marketing articles cover a range of ways in which small businesses can attract and maintain customers and increase turnover.

Corporate Events: Guide to Effective Corporate Events

A Step-By-Step Guide with Hints and Tips Fundamentals The term “Event” covers a host of activities but for this guide it refers to: exhibitions and conventions conferences and seminars seasonal parties annual dinner and dances post AGM celebration for shareholders client entertainment. Why undertake an event? The prime reasons for any corporation to participate are to: thank your project team for a fine achievement celebrate gaining a significant client account improve relationships with existing clients develop relationships with new / prospective clients raise the company profile / image thank customers for their business educate and / or inform launch a new product or service. Events offer direct exposure to your target audience. Whatever the event, it should reflect yo... »

Corporate TPS

Corporate Registration on TPS What is the TPS? The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) maintains a statutory register of telephone numbers of subscribers who object to receiving unsolicited telemarketing calls. The TPS register is run by the Direct Marketing Association under contract to Ofcom. Registration is free of charge and takes 28 days to take effect. This document is based on Crown Copyright © 2004 »

Advertising & PR

‘Word of mouth’ from satisfied customers is often the best form of advertising – and the least costly. But for a more formal advertising strategy, you need a more consistent and long-term plan. For example, the advertising media you choose needs to be consistent with how you think your customers will find out about your business. Typical advertising media include: Yellow Pages Merchandising (such as point of sale, leaflets, packaging, shelf displays and window displays) Local newspapers/radio/TV National press and TV Posters and leaflets Trade journals Websites Exhibitions and trade shows The Advertising Standards Authority is a good reference point for UK standards and codes of advertising practice. This article based on Crown Copyright © 2002 »

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