What Next For The Online Gambling Industry?

A fast-growth industry with a track record of change over many centuries. But which innovations look set to dominate its future?

What Next For The Online Gambling Industry?

It may be that as humans we have an irresistible and built-in urge to take part in games of chance. It certainly seems this has been an integral part of all civilisations dating back millennia.

For example the Romans were known to have enjoyed games using dice and in ancient China there were many games using tiles which were the forerunners of today’s playing cards.

Naturally, as civilizations developed so did the way that people gambled. For example the British aristocracy, looking for another way to spend their time apart from the traditional trio of hunting, shooting and fishing, were the perfect members for the exclusive clubs that started to spring up in London in the 18th century.

But now we live in a far more democratic and egalitarian age and this is reflected in the   ways in which people gamble.

That’s why, according to official figures from the Gambling Commission, online channels now have more players than any other form of gambling.

It all began a couple of decades ago when technology and the internet came together to facilitate the arrival of the online casino. The very first of these were indisputably basic affairs with a limited number of games and very little interactivity. However being able to play from the comfort of one’s own home certainly struck a chord with the public and very quickly the concept took off.

Rapid industry change

At the same time technology was advancing at an almost unprecedented rate and the next major milestone was the arrival of mobile devices like tablets and smartphones whose wireless connectivity meant that online play was possible whenever and wherever it was wanted.

Along with the plethora of new games, and an explosion in the number of slots that were being introduced, this also started to attract different a demographic profile of players. Younger people who were totally in tune with the emerging technology was one group and women formed another.

So online casinos were more than holding their own but the one thing they still lacked was the thrill of the real casino experience. This was soon remedied by the introduction of the online “live“ casino with actual dealers playing games in real time including roulette, blackjack and poker.

But if the last 20 years has taught the leading online casinos anything it’s that their customers are always on the lookout for something novel, introducing these unique features to a site is exactly what separates market leaders from the rest of the pack, the endless hours of fun and wide variety of games is something you must experience for yourself at 888casino. This has led to the introduction of game variants like sit and go poker which match the fast-moving nature of the online experience.

The next big thing

For many the next big thing is going to be virtual reality. With the addition of a VR headset very soon players will be able to enter a virtual world to play and even “meet up” with friends to enjoy the experience together.

There are also signs that the traditional bricks and mortar casinos who have been losing revenue to their online rivals have realised that they will need to co-operate to survive. In fact some already have terminals that allow customers to play online even when they are visiting the real thing and this is a trend that is sure to become more widespread

But whatever the future holds for online gambling on thing is for certain. That is that there will always be an audience out there and the more excitement and novelty that they’re offered the larger that audience will grow.

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