Bosses Happier Than Their Workers, As Half Of Employees Feel Mental Health Support Is Inadequate

It’s suggested that offering staff the chance to work from home, and giving them more privacy, could help promote more positivity

Bosses Happier Than Their Workers, As Half Of Employees Feel Mental Health Support Is Inadequate

A majority of UK business owners are happier than their workers, as employees believe the mental health support they receive in their workplace is inadequate – according to a report by

The Workplace Happiness Report, which surveyed over 2,000 office workers, revealed that bosses rank 4.20/5 in the report’s ‘happiness scale’ – 25% higher than low-level employees.

Indeed, junior staff appear to be the unhappiest in their role, coming in at 3.40/5, while the average employee stands at 3.63/5.

How To Spot The Signs Of Poor Employee Mental Health At Work

Employees being overworked (47%) is cited as the biggest cause of stress by those surveyed, followed by a lack of control over the role (25%), and not feeling fulfilled (25%) – with junior staff particularly falling victim to the latter two.

When quizzed about what would improve their mental health, 67% of workers cited a pay rise, followed by flexible hours (33%) and increased bonuses (33%).

However, despite a strong desire for more flexibility, 46% of business owners don’t offer their employees the chance to work from home, despite the fact 74% of them believe it would improve their happiness in work.

It’s suggested physical improvements within the office could also help with mental improvements in workers’ minds, as 33% believe feeling comfortable with the design of their space led to increased wellbeing.

Interestingly, 40% of respondents feel they don’t have sufficient levels of privacy in work, with those in open-plan offices the least happy employees.

Want to offer your staff flexible working? Here’s a guide on what the law says.

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