SMEs Propose Improvements to IP System

SMEs invited to Propose Improvements to IP SystemSmall-business owners have been called on to propose improvements to the UK’s current intellectual property (IP) system, as part of an ongoing independent review.

Professor Ian Hargreaves, who is leading the Independent Review of IP and Growth, has issued a Call for Evidence setting out in detail the questions the review will consider and seek evidence on. Key areas the review is covering include:

  • How the current IP framework could make it easier for internet-based businesses to protect their intellectual property.

  • Does IP form a barrier for new businesses trying to break into established markets?

  • The cost and complexity to small businesses of accessing IP services to help them to protect and exploit their intellectual property.

Talking about the IP review, Professor Hargreaves said:

“We must ensure the UK has an IP system that drives innovation and growth. This review will identify the barriers to growth and, where they exist, work out how to remove them. The review will set out short-term improvements that could be made as well as a long-term vision for the IP system.”

“I am particularly interested in the impact of the IP system on small and medium-sized businesses given their importance to the economy.”

The independent review of the IP system was announced by the Prime Minister in November 2010. Businesses and interested parties have until 1 March 2011 to contribute to the review’s call for evidence. The findings of the review will be published in April.

For more information visit the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) website to find out about the Independent Review of IP and Growth and be sure to read the Call for Evidence.

To submit proposals to the IPO about the review, email

SMEs invited to Propose Improvements to the Intellectual Property System

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