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Closing On Bank Holidays Could Cost Small Businesses £2,250 Each

Closing On Bank Holidays Could Cost Small Businesses £2,250 Each

UK small businesses could potentially lose £2,250 each if they opt to close on every bank holiday this year, according to a report by Yell Business. The survey of 1,500 small firms and 1,500 consumers revealed that just 26% of businesses open their doors on bank holidays – despite 86% of the public saying they specifically use the day to shop around. Just 42% of retail, catering and leisure businesses operate as normal – though its suggested many more should consider opening too. When divided by region, the Midlands sees the fewest amount of businesses open on bank holiday at just 16%, while Yorkshire sees the highest, with 37%. The remaining bank holidays in 2017 are as follows: 1 May Monday Early May bank holiday 29 May Monday Spring bank holiday 28 August Monday Summer bank holiday 25 D... »

Paid Leave on Special Bank Holidays

Employers should do “the right thing” and offer staff paid leave on special bank holidays such as the Royal Wedding or risk damaging morale, the Trades Union Congress (TUC) has said. “Not offering paid leave or overtime will rebound on employers as they risk demoralising their workforce and damaging their reputation among their customers.” said TUC general secretary, Brendan Barber. “While most people are likely to get paid leave on 29th April as a result of their employer’s goodwill, a significant minority of tight-fisted companies have decided to ignore the national mood and insist on keeping staff chained to their desks while everyone else is enjoying the bank holiday.” By law, employers do not have to give employees paid time off for bank and public holidays. If an employment contract ... »

CIPD: Spread out Bank Holidays, Increase Staff Attendance

Government proposals to move the May Day bank holiday to October could help reduce staff stress and boost attendance, HR experts have said. The Department for Culture, Media and Sport policy paper also suggested that the May Day holiday could be moved to create a “national day” on St George’s Day on 23 April in England and St David’s Day on 1 March in Wales. Tourism minister John Penrose said the move would encourage local tourism – See the Government Tourism Policy (PDF). Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) adviser, Angela Baron, said that breaking up the four-month gap between the August and December bank holidays could be beneficial for staff morale: “It seems logical to have the bank holidays spread out across the year. If having a bank holiday in Octobe... »