You’re Hired: 96% of Businesses Report Apprentice Benefits

National Apprentice Week runs from March 6-10, with UK small firms expected to take on 202,000 new apprentices in the next 12 months

You’re Hired: 96% of Businesses Report Apprentice Benefits

96% of businesses say hiring an apprentice has brought at least one benefit to their business, according to research from the Department for Education (DfE).

202,000 new apprentices are expected to be taken on in the next 12 months, with current trainee-friendly businesses reporting a number of positive outcomes directly related to their fledgling worker.

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Over 75% of firms that employ novice workers report increased productivity thanks to product/service improvement, while more than 24,000 private enterprises say that hiring a beginner has actually helped them win business.

National Apprentice Week runs from March 6-10 which helps raise awareness of the opportunities apprenticeships can offer school leavers, graduates and the unemployed.

Mike Cherry, chair of the Federation of Small Business (FSB), said:

“Small firms understand that apprenticeships make good business sense. Having apprentices can be a real asset for many smaller businesses and are vital to the future of the UK economy.

“FSB members are taking on more apprentices than ever before and are a fantastic way to enable young people to gain the skills they need to succeed. We’d encourage all small businesses to explore how an apprentice could fit in their organisation.”

Thinking of hiring an apprentice? Here’s five ways they could benefit your business.

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