UK Small Enterprises Failing to Adopt Digital Technology

Employee confidence and a ‘digital work culture’ are seen as key to businesses achieving a successful digital roll-out, Cisco reports

UK Small Enterprises Failing to Adopt Digital Technology

A worrying 29% of UK small businesses still haven’t implemented digital technology with 19% of employees concerned about their business’ digital future a report by Cisco  with the Institute of Cultural Capital (ICC) has revealed.

Polling 3,000 UK workers, the report also found that 29% of employees believe that their leadership team is struggling to push through new digital ways of working, with the same number stating that their business doesn’t have the right ‘culture’ to combat this problem.

The report also highlighted a potential communication issue between employees and management with 26% of workers having had their ideas for digital technology dismissed – many said they had suggested a digital technology tool to leadership only for nothing to come of their proposal.

According to Cisco, creating a ‘digital culture’ in the workplace is key for companies to succeed when rolling out a digital strategy, with employee confidence also vital to success in this area.

Simeon Yates, director of the Institute of Cultural Capital, said of the report:

“The UK is one of the most digitally engaged nations in the world with 87% of the population online. Despite this, there are few nationally representative studies on the uptake of technology by the UK workforce.

“This report has found that the key to successful digital roll-outs are the intangible characteristics of culture and leadership, more so than the tangible factors of having access to the right technology. It consequently means that organisations’ ability to become digitally ready is firmly in their own hands.”

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