UK Small Businesses Lead the Way in Tech Adoption

British businesses that use multiple cloud products have seen 25% revenue growth this year, outperforming Germany, France, the Netherlands and Belgium

UK Small Businesses Lead the Way in Tech Adoption

Britain’s small and medium businesses are the second biggest tech adopters, beating Germany, France, the Netherlands and Belgium, a global barometer of over 3,000 entrepreneurs has found.

The UK came out as the top tech adopter in Europe with 27% of small and medium firms recognised as ‘heavy’ cloud users – second only to the US at 29%. 47% of UK firms use at least one cloud business software tool.

The Netherlands came next on the list at 25%, followed by Belgium and France at 24%, and Germany at 10%.

The report, entitled Exact 2015 SME Cloud Barometer, reported that businesses using three or more different cloud products software (‘heavy cloud adopters’) also outperformed counterparts.

On average, heavy tech adopters have achieved 25% revenue growth this year compared to 14% revenue growth of those businesses using one or two online solutions, and 10% revenue growth for businesses who don’t use any cloud solutions.

Despite this, the research found that only 10% of small and medium-sized enterprises are actively seeking out new software solutions to increase growth.

Lucy Fox, general manager at Exact UK, commented:

“There is a real opportunity here for UK small and medium enterprises to build on the success and status they hold on the global stage. To do so, businesses need to ensure they stay competitive, efficient and provide the very best in customer service.

“Cloud adoption levels appear to be growing, and highlighting the tangible benefits it can offer through research like this will hopefully encourage more UK small and medium enterprises to follow suit.”

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