The Types of Businesses Working with GrowthAccelerator

Find out how a diverse mix of businesses, perhaps some just like yours, are benefiting from the support of expert coaching from GrowthAccelerator

GrowthAcceleratorGrowthAccelerator works with businesses in almost every sector throughout the country, from manufacturing, and construction, right through to retail and catering. Importantly, what all of these companies have in common is the potential and appetite to achieve high growth.


TravellerTraveller, a retail business based in Newcastle Airport which stocks ‘anything you might ever need on holiday’ had experienced gradual growth since they first opened in 2003, expanding from occupying one unit within the airport retail space, to three. The company employs12 members of staff and MD Giles Mortimer was keen to explore opportunities at other airports. He recognised they needed a clear and robust plan in order to achieve their growth potential, which is where GrowthAccelerator came in. Giles said:

“We had grown steadily but felt we needed a mentor to help us achieve more, and develop a clear plan of how to get where we needed to be.”

GrowthAccelerator supported the business with securing access to finance, and also match funding for Leadership and Management Training. They have subsequently taken on a new team member, and are in the process of tendering to open stores in two new UK airports.

SNAP Account

SNAPAnother business to experience an almost immediate boost from GrowthAccelerator is SNAP Account, a technology business based in Norfolk, which operates a parking facility for lorry fleets all across the country. After experiencing steady growth, SNAP sought support from GrowthAccelerator to channel their strengths and achieve their full growth potential. The business sells parking spaces in lorry parks to fleet operators electronically. The previous manual system was admin heavy and functioned through cash and expenses management, whereas SNAP’s electronic system allows fleet owners to buy parking spaces at the click of a button, with registration via CCTV. Since they signed up to the GrowthAccelerator service, SNAP Account have received coaching in business development, which has allowed them to innovate their existing product to create a new revenue stream. Their service now offers fleet owners the chance to rent out their own lorry parks to lorry drivers, effectively allowing customers to draw revenue from other customers. The company have also received support with creation of a marketing strategy, and now have a detailed business plan in place which will see them take on new staff, and grow the company to a net worth of £7.2 million.

Kit for Kids

TravellerFor Kit for Kids, a Kent-based supplier to Nursery and Education markets in UK & worldwide, the challenge was to build a truly global brand. Although very successful in the UK, and with untapped international opportunities at their fingertips, the business needed a clear strategy for exploring these new markets and creating a compelling brand proposition. They worked with their coach to completely redefine their brand strategy, and, as this was such an important issue for the business, their coach also supported them in developing an effective change management plan to support the implementation of this new brand strategy and ensure buy-in from the whole team. They also received support with securing and leveraging their intellectual property, and are currently exploring ways to glean additional profits from their systems, processes and ideas. When asked to summarise the impact of GrowthAccelerator on his business, MD Jan Van Der Velde said:

“It has made us realise that a small Kent company can indeed be a large global player.”

As well as supporting businesses across a diverse range of sectors, GrowthAccelerator is also working with companies of all ages- not just those in the start up phase who might typically be associated with pursuing high growth. In fact, an analysis of companies signed up to the service recently showed that 30 per cent are aged five to 10 years and 29 per cent are more than 10 years old, with some having been in business for more than a century.

GrowthAccelerator now supports over 4,000 businesses throughout the country, and no matter how long they’ve been established or what sector they’re in, the expert network of coaches and Growth Managers are on hand to offer bespoke and tailored support to overcome challenges and achieve their growth potential.

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