Twelve Vital Tips for Successful Video Response

Neil Davidson, CEO of My Web Presenters, divulges 12 top tips for small businesses to make customers respond to their company videos…

1. Define your target audience – There may be several different ones.
What does he/she look like – What age? – What fears? – What motivations? – Are they primarily feeling, thinking, or knowing?

2. Know where you want to go with video, before you set off – Form a strategy that ensures that what you are investing in now will still be valuable and useable in 3 years time. Video technology has many options and applications and is developing incredibly quickly. Begin with the end in mind, and employ video experts to guide you from the start.

3. Deliver your video message as if speaking to one person, (i.e. Not a mass audience) who is the perfect representation of your target audience? Keep it personal, authentic and in integrity and you will reach very large audiences.

4. Create an automatic, web presenter “Perfect Pitch” on your main landing or Home page. This will stop people bouncing off the page, and make them “feel” secure that they have come to the right place.

5. For a compelling, automatic home page script less is more. Keep to about 30 seconds. (80-90 words)

What are your 4 most important Unique Selling Points (USPs)?

1. [insert USP #1 here] 2. [insert USP #2 here] 3. [insert USP #3 here] 4. [insert USP #4 here]

6. Finish with your preferred call to action – Change WE to YOU and express it from the customers’ perspective. Remember WIIFM is the most powerful radio station in the World (What’s In It For Me).

7. Differentiate yourself from everyone else in your sector – What can you do to stand out? Demonstrations, interviews, testimonials, company values. Have fun, and let the viewer share the passion and enthusiasm you have for the product. Focus on the Return on Investment, not the cost.

8. Link “Sizzle” with “Sausage.” – After you have created the right “feel” for visitors with your automatic perfect pitch, (sizzle) take them into a thinking space, with information rich content (Sausage).

Your Content Videos should aim to be no more than 3 minutes long and be Succinct. “Cut to the chase” so the viewer is rewarded with valuable content in exchange for their time. Professionally written scripts are worth their weight in gold.

9. Leave them “knowing” what to do next – Always leave the visitor “knowing” exactly what they need to do next. Feel, Think, Know is an excellent pathway to high conversion rates.

10. Create a mind map of useful Video Applications for business communications – Lay out all the areas that Video can support your business – Video sharing sites, Social Networks, Blogs, Newsreels, Press Releases, Demonstrations, Testimonials, Training Etc. You can film once, and use in many different ways if you know the avenues on the Web that are available to you.

11. Drive Traffic – Increase Response – The Magic Circle – Google own YouTube, and video is very heavily weighted for Search Engine Optimisation. Open an account (free) with TubeMogul to automatically place your clips, meta tags and key words to video sharing sites all over the web. When SEO drives the visitors to your site, the welcome video increases response! Don’t waste traffic you have paid for through PPC or other paid channels.

12. Measure Results and Test – Use a platform that offers you a measurement facility to confirm results. You need to do A/B testing on larger sites, and know the difference in number of plays, time spent on site, click through statistics, and conversion rates. Measurement will guide you to maximising your ROI.

This article was written by Neil Davidson, Founder of My Web Presenters

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