“Time-Poor” Businesses Compromising on Recruitment

‘Culture of compromise’ is causing 91% of UK businesses to hire the wrong employees

“Time-Poor” Businesses Compromising on Recruitment

A staggering 91% of UK businesses have compromised on the quality of a new hire in the last 12 months, indicating a growing ‘culture of compromise’ with business owners not having sufficient time to find the right staff.

According to research conducted by fast growth start-up Hiring Hub, allocation of time in the recruitment process is the main issue for many companies with over half (52%) of businesses admitting to spending more time screening CVs and meeting with recruitment agencies than interviewing candidates (48%).

Business owners do recognise the need for change though with 74% of respondents affirming that compromising on recruitment is not a sustainable practice as their business continues to grow.

The research also exposed the top three negative implications faced by businesses with the top negative consequence being time spent developing new recruits at 54%, followed by impact on company performance (47%) and time invested by line managers in supporting new employees (35%).

Simon Swan, co-founder and CEO of Hiring Hub, said of the study:

“Appointing the wrong candidate for the job is a costly mistake if you run a business.

“However, HR professionals and business owners compromise on recruitment quality almost as a matter of routine. This is a catch 22 for UK businesses that waste the little time they do have in finding a candidate they then have to replace, or dedicate more time line-managing in the long run. It’s ineffective and a huge drain on the company’s resources.”

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