Third of Digital Businesses to Recruit New Staff Over Next 12 Months

70% of employers favour ‘University of Life’ candidates over those with an actual degree, believing qualifications to be ‘unimportant’

Third of Digital Businesses to Recruit New Staff Over Next 12 Months

A third of the country’s digital small businesses are set to hire new staff within the next 12 months, according to an eBay UK survey of over 400 small businesses.

The study revealed that small companies are becoming increasingly relaxed about the qualifications and age of prospective candidates with over 70% opting for interviewees with ‘University of Life’ skills over an actual degree.

A ‘strong grasp of marketing and advertising’, digital skills, social media knowledge, and experience with coding, also ranked highly in what small digital businesses look for in a potential new hire.

Tanya Lawler, vice president at eBay UK, said:

“The nature of business, especially online retail, is changing rapidly. Our business-savvy small enterprise community is on the look-out for versatile talent – regardless of age, background or gender – with the personable skills and life experience to help them develop and grow.

“It’s good news for the online retail space and for new hires as recruitment picks up in 2016.”

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