The Technology Strategy Board

Technology Strategy BoardOperating at arm’s length from the Government but reporting to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) the Technology Strategy Board is the UK’s innovation agency.

The primary aim of the Technology Strategy Board is to fund and drive economic growth in the UK through innovation and finances innovative projects to deliver this goal.

This is done through a strategy of improving the route from concept to commercially viable products, services and processes, connecting all the UK’s points in the innovation landscape and investing in areas deemed to be high priority in delivering innovation.

The Technology Strategy Board believes that economic growth and opportunities are best realised when the country can seize upon particular issues and innovate rapidly.

By combing the forces of business, academia and government, rapid developments in innovation that address challenges such as climate change, resource use and age demographics are particularly desirable.

Supporting innovative projects, reducing risk, building partnerships and promoting collaborative projects are ideal for stimulating knowledge transfer and opening up innovation to make the country more competitive.

Working with SMEs

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with high growth potential are key to driving innovation.

Examples of businesses that the Technology Strategy Board has worked with include:

  • projects using advanced polymer research and processing to produce drainage pipes, making the business one of the top recycling companies in the UK
  • development of biodegradable packaging with improved technical performance and increased sustainability in both the use of raw materials and energy efficiency in the manufacturing processes
  • breakthrough advances in photovoltaic (PV aka solar cell) technology, including Intellectual Property development and advancement of low-cost production processes

Pre startups, startups, small and medium sized businesses can all apply for the Technology Strategy Board’s Smart grants which are funds for research & development (R&D) projects that lead to innovative solutions.

Areas applicable to grant funding include proof of market, proof of concept and prototype development.

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Read about Smart Innovation Funding.

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