The SME Owner Manager Juggling with Technology

Picture this scenario, a small business that makes things, takes orders, packs them and ships them; usually starts out with quite basic processes and for a while, they fulfil the purpose albeit just adequately.

The owner manager feels in control as he oversees the orders, adjusts his stock position and then coordinates delivery to the customer; he instructs his dedicated staff every step of the way. But what happens as his company grows? Enter technology.

Many small companies start by putting in a system for this and a system in for that. The result being that instead of having an end to end integrated management system, they end up with a disparate technology environment with point solutions that do not communicate and often turns out to be a false economy.

Today more than ever it’s all about keeping costs down and being efficient if you are to survive and thrive. The SME has always been faced with having to manage costs, you could say it’s been an enduring challenge – it’s just become harder.

This has meant that in addition to looking at staffing levels, existing service contracts and of course leases, it’s become crucial to streamline the IT systems. A manufacturer or warehouse distribution operation for instance, needs everything from CRM systems to supply chain management systems and data capture systems whether it is barcode labelling technology or RFID.

All this means money, but it should be viewed as spending to save. Some manufacturers would also be able to take advantage of government support that was pledged in early July. Business Secretary Lord Mandelson announced a £150 million-plus package of measures to help UK manufacturers seize opportunities in the world of high tech, advanced manufacturing. Advanced Manufacturing is usually businesses that use a high level of design or scientific skills to produce technologically complex products and processes.

Looking for the right system that suits your business can be daunting. Rather than going for the larger vendors who punt SME solutions, it’s worth searching for the smaller software developer/systems integrator who can provide a more appropriate solution that better matches your requirements.

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