Telesales & Telemarketing Training and Development

The Training and Development of Telesales & Telemarketing personnel is a question that all small to medium sized businesses need to address.

Well-motivated, well-informed and highly skilled personnel are vital to any business. Effective recruitment is a key ingredient of the recipe, in addition businesses must be aware of and be reactive to shortfalls in knowledge and skill and attitude.

How do I know if my business will benefit from training?

Answer the following questions

Would your like you telesales / telemarketing team to…

  • make more calls?
  • increase their call-to-sale conversion rate?
  • secure more appointments from their calls?
  • build a better, quicker rapport with your prospects/customers?
  • improve their questioning and listening skills?
  • handle your prospects/customers objections more effectively?
  • close more sales in fewer calls?
  • confidently and competently negotiate with your prospects/customers?
  • increase the revenue they produce?
  • maximise on their existing customer base?
  • spend their time more effectively?

If the answer is “yes” to one or more of the above questions then your business would benefit from training.

How would your team benefit from Training

  • Achieve and maintain motivation
  • Be aware of what was expected of them
  • Have a benchmark of success
  • Be armed with knowledge and skills to succeed
  • Feel valued and rewarded
  • Self realisation of strengths and weaknesses

The Training Process

  • Discuss business needs
  • Identify required team/individual competencies
  • Clarify training objectives and evaluation measures
  • Agree training proposal
  • Deliver the programme
  • Evaluate the success

How to evaluate your team

Once you have identified your business needs and set team/individual competencies then focus on individual personnel to assess their performance against the set competencies.

A SWOT Analysis is a good method of objective assessment:

List all strengths e.g. punctual, ambitious, happy to make cold call …..

List all weaknesses e.g. clock watcher, lacks confidence in closing ….

How this individual could positively effect the business in the future

How this individual could negatively effect the business in the future

Here you can read more on SWOT analysis

Cheryl Sullivan
Busby Training

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