Telecoms for Competitive Advantage

5. Mobility

5.1 Voicemail is the first line of defence against missing calls while you are on the move.

  • When choosing a system, consider sound quality, whether you can operate the system remotely, and any time limits on incoming messages.
  • Voicemail can be either a function of your phone system or a network service provided by your telephone company.

5.2 Mobile phones are the obvious way to stay in touch on the move.

  • Mobile phones will usually increase your total spending on telecoms. But the payoff is less wasted time.
  • A wide range of calling plans include unlimited calls between people within your business, reduced international rates, cheaper off-peak calls or free text messages. Evaluate your needs carefully before signing a contract.
  • Set out clear rules about personal use of company mobiles. Call barring can be used to limit non-business calls – or even to bar all outgoing calls.
  • Ask your supplier about equipment that lets you call company mobiles from your office phone at the cheaper mobile-to-mobile (same network) rate.

5.3 You can also get online to access email and the office network.

  • Most mobile phones include basic email functions. These allow you to read and write emails on the move.
  • Smartphones, such as the BlackBerry or iPhone – allow you to browse the web, check emails and run a huge range of business-related applications. The rapid growth of mobile ‘apps’ means you should consider if it is worth launching your own.
  • Many mobiles have large screens. Equipped with these, your employees can use the internet and read documents when away from the office.
  • Mobile phone networks also offer mobile broadband services. These allow you to connect a laptop computer to the internet using a small adapter (a ‘dongle’).

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