Technophobes Guide

WWW – The World Wide Web


The World Wide Web is becoming increasingly popular, comprising a continually evolving, constantly extending network of inter-connected web sites stretching like a spider’s web across the world. New sites are constantly being added to increase the coverage and information available to web surfers.

Web sites are collections of pages of information, which can include text, graphics, animation, photos, sound and even video. An essential feature of most web sites is the hyperlink facility, which enables you to jump from page to page within a web site and from site to site, anywhere in the world, almost indefinitely.

The Web consists of your personal computer, web browser software, a connection to an Internet Service Provider (ISP), remote computers called servers storing electronic files, and routers and switches to direct the flow of information.

It costs comparatively little to set up a web site and its business potential is limitless.


To ‘surf’ or ‘browse’ the Web, you need Web browser software, which will be provided by your ISP when you join. Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer are the most widely available packages.

It’s a simple matter to browse the Web using hyperlinks to navigate from site to site all over the world. However, finding a path through the volume of material to the site or information you actually require can be more difficult. The most common way to do this is to use a search engine.

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