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Business Benefits of The Internet


The speed and cost effectiveness of e-mail are perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to get on the Internet. For the cost of a brief local phone call you can send a message and file attachments to someone in the next office, in the same town, elsewhere in the country or on the other side of the world. Delivery is usually within minutes. E-mail could significantly reduce your phone bills and save you money on post, courier services and travel expenses. It speeds up response times and saves the hassle of physically removing a document from a file, photocopying it, then faxing it page by page or packaging it for the post.


A web site increases your company’s visibility and can play an important role in increasing sales. Many companies now consider building a web site as an intrinsic part of standard marketing activity, along with producing the company brochure, promotional literature or prices lists. Your web site enables you to promote your company on the Internet and accept orders or requests for information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also advertise on the Web by placing banner advertising on other people’s Web pages. Tracking visitors to your site can provide you with useful market information.

If you are interested in finding out more about having your own web site, take a look at Section 8, Building a Web Site.


91% of businesses using the Internet do so to find information. Whatever information you need – whether you are searching for travel information, market research, new ideas or technical support – you will find it with the help of the search engines. Usenet and newsgroups enable you to build contacts or share experiences and problems with people in similar businesses to your own and you can register with mailing lists or newsgroups for information to be sent to you automatically.


The global nature of the Internet makes it easier for companies to do business around the world. The launch of your web site could mark the beginning of a whole new world-wide marketplace for your company. Thanks to e-mail you can communicate swiftly and more effectively with suppliers and customers overseas and the facility to make secure payments over the Internet saves time and money by cutting down the paperwork, charges, risks and delays of currency exchange.


If your products or services can be converted into electronic form, then the Internet is an ideal way to distribute or sell your product. Examples of such businesses include publishers, software companies, designers, architects and accountants. Samples can also be sent electronically, such as film, music, video, software and graphics; likewise product brochures, price lists and support documentation such as user guides and technical manuals can be sent electronically.


The Internet is revolutionising the way we do business. It is widely believed that companies which fail to keep up with the opportunities offered by this new technology will see their market position steadily eroded by faster-moving competitors. Don’t fall through the net. Regardless of the type of business you run, whether simply communicating by e-mail or selling your products via your web site, use your computer for effective business-to-business commerce.

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