Technophobes Guide


The Internet has become as integral a part of working life as the telephone and few would consider doing business without it. Whether you run an SME, work alone from home or are part of a large multinational organisation, going online can bring considerable benefits to your business.

If you are still doubtful, consider starting on a small scale. For very little outlay you can set up a basic Internet connection with email and access to the World Wide Web. Once you start to feel the benefits – and when you start to use email you will wonder how you ever managed without it – and discover the potential of the World Wide Web, you can then decide whether to invest in a web site and any additional services you may require to enable you to trade over the Internet.

If there is one argument in favour of going online it is this – the Internet will make your business more efficient. It is a convenient and cost-effective tool to help you increase sales and speed up your operations to give you more time to concentrate on running your business. Its phenomenal growth in business usage is a direct reflection of its popularity. Your customers and competitors are already online – can you afford to be left behind?

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