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Many small and medium sized companies have yet to explore the  potential of the Internet. Many SMEs do not have a web site and a surprising proportion of these are not yet using email in their day to day business.

‘I can’t see how the Internet relates to my business’
‘What benefits would the Internet bring my company’
‘I don’t have the time’
‘I’m hopeless with computers’
‘All that jargon and hype – surfing, nets, www, dot coms, URLs, search engines – what does it all mean?’
‘Running a web site is too expensive’
‘Why would I need the Internet when the traditional methods still work well for me?’

Skepticism, lack of knowledge, resources and time, and fear of the technology are the key reasons companies have given us for not doing business over the Internet.


The Internet is here to stay and if you are not exploiting its commercial potential, you can be sure your competitors are.

The Internet offers real business opportunities. It’s not just about e-commerce (trading on-line) – the Internet is also a powerful communications tool, a valuable information resource and an excellent platform from which to promote your company.


The first step into the unknown is always the hardest. If you run a small business you may well feel the demands on your time and resources are too great for you to embark on a new way of doing business and to understand the technologies to enable you get the best out of the Internet.

The purpose of this guide is de-mystify the Internet and to help you overcome this first hurdle. Our aim is to increase your understanding and help you to exploit the technology, not to over-burden you with extreme technical details. We take you through all the basic components of the Internet, with practical advice at all stages, from getting started with e-mail to developing, maintaining and promoting your own web site.


We firmly believe that no company these days can afford to ignore the Internet. In fact we believe that this new and exciting technology brings benefits to every business. Read on and find out how you use Internet to increase sales, reduce costs and save time and introduce a new dimension to your business.

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