Technology & Supply Chain Relationships with Customers & Suppliers

The Benefits of Closer Co-operation

Integrating your own systems, and making them more compatible with those of your key suppliers and customers, can bring you greater efficiency and a real edge over your competitors…

Work faster and more efficiently through the rapid distribution of documents

  • Networking your computers gives you immediate access to shared information.
  • Networks can now be accessed wirelessly through a greater number of channels.

Communicate better

  • Allowing your suppliers access to a password-protected extranet means they can be better informed about upcoming work and the impact it will have on them.
  • Keep in touch with customers via e-newsletters, or by setting up a feedback system on your website so they can e-mail you comments or suggestions.

Make quicker, smarter decisions and reduce time to market

  • Phone, web or video conferencing let you collaborate closely with customers and suppliers, and save on time, energy and travel costs.
  • Involving your customers and suppliers in your design process from the start means you will have a better chance of getting things right first time.
  • Fully exploit the potential of broadband connectivity to foster collaboration, wherever team members are located.

Closer trading partnerships

  • Standardising business documents, such as orders and invoices, and exchanging them electronically will save admin time and reduce costs.
  • Integrating your accounting or order processing systems with those of your key suppliers or customers will enable you to work much more efficiently and effectively.

Finding new customers

  • Develop a company website that allows potential customers to browse your product range, make initial contact and buy your products online.

Keeping existing customers happy and involved

  • By keeping track of company orders and building accurate profiles of their buying habits, you can get a better understanding of your customers’ needs and offer a more tailored service. For example, you could suggest related products they might like or give previews of new products.
  • Giving them the opportunity to interact with you, through feedback or access to your extranet, can help to increase customer loyalty. It can make customers feel more involved and adds real value to the service you give them.
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