Tech Businesses Call For Continued EU Membership

71% of London’s tech companies feel that a Brexit would make it harder to reach customers in EU countries

Tech Businesses Call For Continued EU Membership

London’s tech businesses have called for continued EU membership, with 87% believing a Brexit would make the UK less attractive to foreign investors –a report by Tech London Advocates has found.

The survey, of 2,450 technology experts and business leaders in the capital,found that 71% believe Britain exiting the EU ( a Brexit) would make it harder to reach customers and suppliers in remaining EU countries.

More than four out of five (81%) of the London tech businesses surveyed also said that employing people from EU countries would become more difficult..

The report also highlighted a lack of clarity with regards to information about a Brexit, with one in 10admitting that they were ‘not sure’ about the exact consequences leaving the EU would have on their businesses.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that  60% of small business owners wish to remain within the EU.

Russ Shaw, founder of Tech London Advocates, said:

“London has established a global reputation as the digital capital of Europe. There is significant concern within the digital community that Brexit would undermine this position and threaten relationships with the European market.”

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