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Telesales & TeleMarketing Services

Telesales & TeleMarketing Services

A strong telemarketing team is an asset to every company. However, the associated costs of possessing one; management costs, induction and training programmes, office and equipment requirements and, of course, incentives and commissions often make them too expensive to employ and manage.

Even when companies possess in-house sales and marketing expertise, at some point, this resource inevitably becomes stretched as sales or marketing projects begin to outstrip internal resources.

By engaging the services of a professional and successful telemarketing team your business can start benefiting from desired marketing activities immediately. Of course, this option also provides you with flexibility – the flexibility to run your marketing campaigns when desired and the freedom to focus attention and money into other areas of the company when they are completed.

Teamline have a proven track record for tailoring their services to meet individual requirements and have satisfied the telemarketing needs of a large number of companies. By employing experienced, confident professionals who have proven themselves to be excellent communicators, lead generators, appointment setters, fact-finders and customer care co-ordinators, Teamline can provide you with a telemarketing team that produces enviable results.

Teamline can work with your company in a number of ways: acting as your telemarketing department and taking full promotional responsibility, providing one-off solutions for particular projects or working to support your own sales and marketing team when your resources are stretched. For an overview of how others have benefited from Teamline’s services see our case studies.

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