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Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Skills and Apprenticeships (Skills Minister) Lord Tony Young talks about apprenticeships

You’re Hired!

Small Business News – 18th February 2009 Our webchat shows how apprenticeship schemes could help your business survive the slump. Chat date: Tuesday 24th February Chat time: 2.00pm UK unemployment is constantly hitting the headlines as it hovers just below the 2 million mark. It’s no one’s idea of good news and with companies laying off more staff, it seems that the idea of hiring is far from anyone’s mind. Yet faced with the pressure and competition, ensuring you have the best staff available is essential. Gordon Brown has recently pledged his commitment to creating an additional 35,000 apprenticeships across the UK, which could help your business thrive through the downturn. In this live WebTV show you can find out just how an apprenticeship scheme can work for yo... »