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Flexible Working

Small Firms anxious about Flexible Working extension

More than a third of small firms will find it difficult to offer more flexible working when the right to request it is extended to most working parents in April 2009, according to Alliance & Leicester. Some 38% of respondents to a survey by the bank said they would struggle to offer flexible working to more employees. 65% claimed they did not have enough staff to provide cover when someone is needed in the workplace. An overwhelming 86% of small–business owners said it would be easier for large firms to implement the change to flexible working law, which will allow working parents of any children under 16 to ask to work from home or to work irregular hours. Currently, only parents of children under six and disabled children have this right. The Government is now consulting busine... »

Rights for Working Parents and Carers

Given the complexity of parental rights, employers could be forgiven for not knowing what to do when one of their employees is pregnant or becomes responsible for a child. With tribunals making large awards against employers who ignore the rules, you cannot afford to stick your head in the sand. You need to be clear about the rights of either sex and your responsibilities as an employer if you are going to minimise disruption to your business and prevent disputes. Working parents or carers can often take different types of time off. This briefing sets out your employees’ rights and your duties towards them. It covers: Ordinary maternity leave and additional maternity leave. Paternity leave, additional paternity leave and adoption leave. Leave for parents. Time off for dependants, such as c... »