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Working From Home

Working from home sounds like an attractive prospect – but have you thought through all the practical issues? This guide will give you information and advice about: Day-to-day issues of working from home Insurance Legal Issues Day-to-day issues of working from home Once you have decided you want to work from home, there are many practical issues to address. Striking a sensible balance between life and work. Avoid the temptation to work long hours just because you are always near your work. Set limits, as you would if you were in an office. Avoiding distractions. It’s important to separate work from home life, even if they both go on under the same roof. Make sure your family is aware when you are working, and dedicate a certain part of your house to work, so that you can concen... »

Working from Home More Productive than Office

People who work from home are more productive than their office-based colleagues, a study revealed yesterday. Despite the stereotype that home-based workers get an easier ride than people in an office, researchers found they are actually less likely to spend their day surfing the internet and making personal phone calls. On top of that, people who work from home are also more likely to work evening and weekends and take fewer lunch breaks. A spokesperson for labelling solutions provider DYMO, which carried out the study, said “Whenever anyone says they work from home, it’s easy to picture them still in their pyjamas at lunchtime watching daytime television.” “But it seems that they are actually working harder than their office-based counterparts.” “While it mi... »

Snowbound Workers – 9 Top Tips

At the time of writing, it’s snowing across a fair proportion of the British isles right now. The north and east are usually first affected but now that the snowfall has reached the south of England, the possibility of disruption has become more widespread. A number of business organisations have advised that the UK’s SMEs plan now for the disruption, but now the snow is upon us, here’s some practical advice for those working from home. Assuming that you’re able to work remotely, we present a list of top tips for snowbound workers, working from home. 1. Treat the day as you would any Normal Working Day Try and get up at the same time as you would for a regular work day. If you do have a long commute then maybe lying-in a little longer wouldn’t be too much of a... »

SME Decision Makers Don’t Trust Staff to Work from Home

Some SME decision makers don’t allow their workforce to work from home despite obvious business benefits, according to research carried out online by YouGov, on behalf of NewVoiceMedia. Only 23% of the senior decision makers in SMEs allow all their staff to work from home all the time. Of the respondents who don’t allow their employees to work remotely, the main reason cited (85%) was the need for staff to be physically onsite, while 12% simply don’t have the technology required to allow home working. Disappointingly, 11% of senior decision makers who don’t allow home working stated that it was because they believed their employees would be less productive with five per cent suggesting their staff couldn’t be trusted to do a full day’s work at home. Jonathan Grant, CEO at NewVoiceMedia, sa... »

Employees working from home

Introduction Allowing employees to work from home on either a full-time or part-time basis can bring a range of business benefits, from increased productivity and greater staff motivation to more effective use of your premises. It also widens the base from which you can recruit, boosting your chances of recruiting successfully. The spread of teleworking – using the Internet, videoconferencing, telephone, fax, scanners or text messaging for instance – has opened up a new range of possibilities for the way businesses can work and structure themselves. As well as opportunities, it also brings new responsibilities for the employer and employee. For example, flexible-working regulations mean you now have to seriously consider requests to working from home from employees with young o... »