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Chris Bone, Fujitsu UK

IT Professionals doubt Infrastructures

Nearly two-thirds of leading IT professionals believe their infrastructures are not flexible enough to meet the changing business priorities, according to research released today. Of the 200 top IT professionals surveyed in Fujitsu’s new report entitled Dynamic Infrastructures and the Future of IT, 61% feel that their IT infrastructure will have to be more flexible in order to cope with present economic conditions. The report explores the need for increased agility in the current economic conditions to ensure the businesses that survive, thrive come the recovery. This is set to become the cornerstone of improved competitive advantage. As signs of economic recovery start to appear after a year of doom and gloom, competition in the bounceback is essential – IT professionals can e... »

Innovation: What our Economy Needs

Innovation: What our Economy Needs

Innovation is key to unlocking talent, boosting productivity and making the UK economy a world leader in ideas according to a recent white paper. After Lord Sainsbury’s Review of Government’s Science and Innovation Policies in October last year, we have a white paper published by the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS) urging for investment in innovation (the successful exploitation of new ideas). The white paper entitled Innovation Nation (PDF – 923k) sets out UK Government intentions to make the country the best place in the world to set-up and run an innovative business or service and argues that innovation is key to Britain’s prosperity and ability to tackle major issues such as climate change. A key point in the white paper is that innovat... »