How to Create a Productive Workforce

How to Create a Productive Workforce

Log on to the live Web TV show to discover what incentives work for your staff… Show date: Thursday 1st October Show time: 2:30pm Many employers may be breathing a sigh of relief that they’ve survived the past two turbulent years but the challenge now will be to keep hold of talented employees. Having scaled back on benefits like pensions, healthcare or smaller niceties like free tea, coffee and biscuits, it’s only the stark unemployment rate that has kept their staff from walking out the front door and not returning. But with green shoots reported more frequently in the news, businesses are now facing some tough questions. How can we keep workers engaged and happy, and make sure we have the best talent for when the upturn happens? What do employees want from work, and w... »

Evading Extinction : Rules of Survival in a Global Slowdown

Evading Extinction : Rules of Survival in a Global Slowdown

As the slowdown slips inexorably into recession a landmark study how do you turn your business into a Super SME? Chat date: Monday December 15th Chat time: 11:45 to12:15 With three out of ten of the nation’s small businesses fearing they will not be here this time next year many business leaders are worried about how to steer their firms through the choppy waters of the next few months. The figures are released in a new report that also identifies a new tribe of businesses called ‘Super SMEs’ who are booming through increasingly tough market conditions. Crucially, the report, by workplace telecoms specialist Plantronics, investigates what Super SMEs and struggling businesses did differently as the slowdown first loomed on the horizon. In doing so the report delivers an ac... »

Young People

Webchat – Britains workers in waiting

Today’s teens are tomorrow’s workers. They fear technology will strip the human element from working life. Are they right? Our webchat has the answers Chat date: 3rd December 2008 Chat time: 16.00 GMT Why do you go to work? Is it for the money, the career development or is it because you love seeing you colleagues and the buzz of the office? According to this year’s edition of the Vodafone Working Nation report, for the young generation that–s set to become tomorrow’s office workers, it’s very much a case of the latter. However, they also worry that new tech and new working practices will force them to miss out on the things they consider important about work and are looking forward to: making friends, learning from colleagues and enjoying their jobs. 85... »

Help is at hand for SMEs

Help is at hand for SMEs

Small businesses are the backbone of Britain’s economy but these tough times mean a bumpy ride for many. For start-ups, the climate can appear especially daunting. Fortunately there is a wealth of business advice, information and help available for SMEs that need assistance in areas ranging from finance to business networking, from telecoms to training. By logging on to the webchat with Karen Hanton, one of Britain’s leading entrepreneurs, you can find out how to locate it, how to make the most of it, and how to make big savings for your business. Named as one of today’s top 30 entrepreneurs and the founder of Toptable Restaurants, Karen understands the problems that today’s small businesses face, and will be on hand with expert advice. Karen will coach start-ups an... »

Business Advice Webchat

There’s an ongoing and growing concensus that the government needs to do far more to help UK small business with everything from business grants for renewable energy to cutting red tape and reducing taxes. Luckily there are some great resources for business advice on the web and with so many entrepreneurs each year starting up in business these start-ups need a forum to consult for advice. For that very reason Mick Hegarty, small business expert at BT Business, is joining Webchats TV to help you get the most out of your business. Mick will be talking about the "dos and don’ts" of running your own business, be dispensing epxert advice about the best information and services to help small firms maximise productivity and minimise time-wasting so that you can get on with ... »


Webchat – Starting from Scratch

Global entrepreneur Sue Ismiel offers astute advice to self–starters Chat date: Tuesday 8th July Chat time: 3.45pm Shows such as ‘The Apprentice’ and ‘Dragon’s Den’ have spawned a generation of self-starters all intent on bringing the next big idea to an ever–growing consumer market. But just how easy is it to set up your own business and how do you go about transforming your ideas into a money–making empire? To answer these questions we are hosting a webchat with Sue Ismiel who is CEO of Waxing Empire NADS. Sue started her business from scratch in her own kitchen developing natural waxing alternatives for women. From those rather flimsy foundations her business has grown into a global operation and is continually pushing the innovative bound... »

Lessons in Apprenticeship

You don’t have to be Alan Sugar to pass on valuable business skills Webchat: Lessons in Apprenticeship Chat date: Wednesday 2nd July Chat time: 2.30pm Sometimes it can feel almost impossible to find staff that are talented, hard working and enthusiastic about what they do. In fact there is a pool of high calibre candidates that employers overlook. We are of course talking about apprentices. You don’t have to be Alan Sugar to have valuable business and trade acumen that you can pass on to others. In exchange you get access to people who really want to carve a career for themselves both in your industry and in your organisation. To explain the benefits of employing apprentices further we’re hosting a live webchat with Stephen Gardner, Director of Apprenticeships at the Lear... »

Roger von Oech

Beating Boredom in the Boardroom

Creativity expert Roger von Oech offers advice on engaging & getting the most out of your team in meetings. Chat date: Monday 16th June Chat time: 2pm When discussing the big business issues with your employees or clients it is vitally important to make sure they are 100% engaged all the way through the meeting. The problem is, the boardroom isn’t always the most inspiring place and, understandably, meeting attendees can spend more time drifting to distraction than offering their contribution. Indeed, in research conducted by Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts, 83% of respondents say they only pay attention to the first half of the meeting. More than 1 in 10 Brits admit that they have fallen asleep during a tedious meeting and more than a third frequently catch themselves on the b... »