unpaid overtime


Record amount of unpaid overtime recorded last year

More than five million UK employees worked unpaid overtime last year – the highest amount since 2001, according to the Trades Union Congress (TUC). TUC research revealed that the total value of unpaid labour in the UK in 2008 was £26.9 billion – equivalent to an average of approximately seven hours per employee. According to TUC secretary Brendan Barber, while some staff will inevitably be working longer hours to protect themselves against the risk of redundancy, or to help keep their employer in business, employers should be wary of the potentially harmful side–effects of working long hours. “Long hours are bad for people’s health, and employers should never forget that each extra hour worked makes people less productive once they are over a sensible wo... »

Single Women Do More Unpaid Work

Single Women in their 30s do more unpaid work than anybody else, according to a report by the TUC. Just as we get into Work Your Proper Hours Day findings from the TUC indicate that 39% of single women in their 30s do unpaid overtime at work. By comparison only around 26% of men in their 30s do unpaid overtime. Analysis of official statistics show that British workers did a record £25 billion of unpaid work in 2007 with nearly 5 million workers putting in extra unpaid hours – that’s 103,000 up on the previous year. On average Britain’s unpaid overtimers put in an extra seven hours a week for which they would earn an extra £4,955 a year had they been paid for their hours. The variations between professions that do unpaid overtime is also varied with legal, medi... »