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Quarter of UK Workers Call in Sick with Fake Excuses

Employers share the most unusual reasons employees used to explain an absence. A nationwide survey by jobs website CareerBuilder found 26% of UK workers pulled at least one sickie last year. Seven% called in sick when they were well three times or more with some resorting to a host of bizarre excuses to dodge work including being trapped under a collapsed bed, losing a glass eye and drinking “bad beer.” Of those who called in sick: 16% “just didn’t feel like going into work.” 13% had a job interview lined up. 12% wanted to catch up with housework or just to relax. 7% said they wanted to avoid a client or colleague. 6% to dodge the wrath of a boss. 6% called in because of bad weather or they had plans with friends or family. However, there was evidence that some employers are taking a tough... »