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How Much Outdated Technology Can Cost Your Business

How Much Outdated Technology Can Cost Your Business

Buying all new tech for your business sounds intimidatingly expensive – but it may not be as expensive as sticking with the old tech you already have lying around. Squeezing a few more years out of your old computers isn’t thrifty – it can actually be dangerous. If you’re looking for reasons to justify the costs of a major technology overhaul, you’ll find that there’s no shortage of them. There’s no better way to save money and make your business better than by making the jump to better equipment. It consumes more power Newer tech is designed with environmental concerns in mind. Optimized performance allows newer tech to perform to its highest potential without drawing up as much power. Not only is this great for the planet, it’s also great for your wallet. When you think about long term s... »

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Email Failure Causes Stress

Unreliable email systems are causing ‘e–rage’ in three-quarters of workers, according to a new survey – and small businesses are particularly likely to suffer. A survey of 1,500 employers and staff by Internet service provider Eclipse Internet found that one in five workers has resorted to physically attacking their computers in frustration when their workplace email account has failed to function properly. “In many small businesses, email is set up and maintained by unqualified personnel,” said Eclipse Internet spokesperson Mark Thomas. “As a result, these companies are more susceptible to suffering the consequences of e–rage.” The National Computer Centre (NCC) said that better IT resourcing and management in small firms would reduce ... »