How to Attract the Best Talent to Your Start-up

Discover how to compete with the big corporations to win top employees who will help your business grow Business is booming, your little start-up is growing into an empire and to move it forward you need to employ new talent. But how do you attract this talent to join your team in such a competitive market? What can you offer that sets your start-up apart from other businesses to ensure you get the best and brightest recruits? The obvious answer might be a big salary, although this is something not necessarily achievable for smaller businesses. While the wages have to be fair, there are other and often more important elements that will make your company a desirable place to work. A business that offers career progression The best new talent will have their eyes on career progression, so de... »

Size Doesn’t Matter, Talent Does

Julian Wenban, Head of Online Portals at SHL explains why talent management is no longer out of reach of small businesses. Never before has the role of the entrepreneur, the small business and the start-up been so high on the national agenda. Just recently, the Government set out a series of measures intended to help inspire, support and grow business start-ups – it’s all part of what David Cameron is calling an “enterprise-led recovery.” But what does the future hold for those start-ups which have established themselves already? Perhaps they already have premises, a small but talented team and a modest turnover, but how can these small businesses continue to grow and compete in a pond sometimes dominated by very big fish? In particular, how can smaller firms ensure they are getting the be... »