Why Businesses Should Care About Sustainability

Reasons why being a green business will not just help the environment but also your small company’s chances of success Being a sustainable business can be loosely described as meeting three core requirements; to be environmentally friendly, considerate of society (specifically, those affected by your organisation’s existence), and profitable whilst being so. Rather than simply being a policy stored somewhere gathering dust, a sustainable business would have these values engrained into their daily decision making. In austere times, achieving these goals of sustainability may seem a little far-fetched when some businesses are busy just trying to stay afloat. However, achieving the status of being ‘sustainable’ could be the difference between mere survival and success,... »

Sustainability and the Accountant

Sustainability and the Accountant

Tomorrow’s accountant has a central role to play in sustainable development ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is publishing a series of briefing papers for its members about core accounting disciplines in relation to sustainability. The five Sustainability Briefings cover the following issues: Reporting Economic Instruments Audit and Assurance Governance Accounting Two papers have been published already on Reporting and Economic Instruments and have been produced in partnership with KPMG and AccountAbility. Rachel Jackson, head of social and environmental issues at ACCA, says: "These briefings serve as introductory guides that aim to introduce our members to the challenging but exciting changes to the profession as sustainability becomes more material to ... »

Sustainability Agenda

Green Business: Sustainable & Responsible

Small and medium-sized enterprises: their role in the sustainability debate ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) says that small businesses can be sustainable and responsible, and that these two worthy attributes are not the sole domain of large business. In the UK, according to the Carbon Trust, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) generate a quarter of C02 emissions a year. So they have a part to play in sustainable development (SD) and Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR). Rachel Jackson, ACCA’s head of Social and Environmental Issues, says: "ACCA believes that, as well as being compliant with all applicable social and environmental regulations, because of their economic and social significance, SMEs should be included within all voluntary SD an... »