survive the recession

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Firms prioritise business travel cutbacks

Reducing business travel costs is the top priority for small firms making cutbacks to survive the recession, according to electricity supplier Opus Energy. An Opus Energy survey of 500 small businesses found that 19% said cutting their travel costs was a priority, while only 18% listed cutbacks in advertising spend and 17% planned to reduce staff bonuses. The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants SME policy adviser Emmanouil Schizas said: “Businesses should review their travel costs and consider how much of their work could be done online and at home — which could save money on premises as well as on transport costs,” “They should also look at their advertising and calculate how much turnover they will need to make for their advertising spend to be worthwhi... »

Investing in IT

Super SMEs invest way through recession

Small businesses that continue to invest in IT, marketing and staff training are more likely to survive the recession, according to new research. Research from communications firm Plantronics found that 21% of small and medium–sized enterprises (SMEs) have either been unaffected by the economic slowdown or their business was booming. Of these so–called “Super SMEs”, all had increased or maintained their levels of investment in IT infrastructure, staff training or marketing. Super SMEs were also three times more likely to have a disaster plan in place, should the economic climate deteriorate further. Plantronics general manager Paul Clark said: “During times of economic uncertainty, SMEs tend to view investment in IT, staff training and marketing as luxuries in... »