Welsh StartUps to Receive Tailored Support

Welsh Startups will be able to access tailored business support, following a £36 million investment from the Welsh Assembly Government to boost new businesses in the region.  The ‘StartUp’ initiative will be run by Flexible Support for Business, a new central point of government support for Welsh businesses, and is expected to help the development of up to 8,000 start-ups and create more than 10,000 jobs. The project is being funded by the Welsh Assembly Government and a £17 million investment from the European Regional Development Fund. The initiative is aiming to provide improved advice and support to people with business ideas that they want to turn into reality. The money will be invested in providing entrepreneurs with access to external consultants, IT su... »

UK Best for Startups

Despite concerns over red tape, the UK is the best place for startups, according to research from the Financial Times. The study, which involved the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United States, found that the British are reservedly enthusiastic about starting up business in the UK whereas there is pessimism amongst the Italians and Americans are strongly optimistic. Italians cite cynicism with the quality of government support, corruption and infrastructure problems as barriers to starting up in business. The French position on starting up business was more mediocre suggesting that the new premiere, Nicolas Sarkozy’s proposed reforms were doing little to change the attitudes of the French that business startups are tough for the budding Gallic entrepreneur. After 10 years... »

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