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Small Retailers Should “cash in” on Royal Wedding Opportunities

Small retailers should prepare now to “cash in” on the opportunities offered by the Royal Wedding in April – that’s the advice from marketing experts. Retail analysts Verdict estimate that the Royal Wedding on the 29th of April will generate as much as £620 million for the UK retail sector. Flourish Studios founder, Fiona Humberstone, said consumer-facing firms stood to benefit the most. “There’s a little bit of snobbery about the concept of ‘cashing in’, but there are big opportunities for small retailers.” said Humberstone. “Small firms should see if there is any way they can create an offering that taps into the theme – for example, craft company Baker Ross is doing children’s hats, and I know a designer who is creating special napkins. “You really can’t st... »

Small Retailers welcome Review of Tobacco Display Ban

The Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) has welcomed the Government’s decision to review an upcoming ban on tobacco displays in retail stores, warning the proposed reforms would cost around £1,800 per shop to introduce. The Tobacco Authority and Promotion (Display) Regulations 2010, passed in March 2010, ban retailers from displaying tobacco products openly at the point of sale — for example, having cigarette packets in public view behind the counter. Currently, large retailers are due to implement the new laws by October 2011 and small retailers by October 2013. The regulations were pushed through in the wash-up period of the last Government, but the Department of Health (DoH) has confirmed the ban is now under review. ACS chief executive, James Lowman, said that small retailers would... »

Rent flexibility urged for small retailers

Rent flexibility urged for small retailers

Retailers warn of toughest quarter day since last recession This could be the toughest quarterly rents payments day for at least 18 years warned the British Retail Consortium (BRC), as it urged landlords to show more flexibility on retail rents. Today (Wednesday) is the first quarter day of 2009. Hard-pressed retailers face rent bills totalling hundreds of millions of pounds*. The first few months of the year usually see the lowest levels of consumer spending. This year has been compounded by recession and follows the worst December sales performance the BRC’s Retail Sales Monitor has recorded in the fourteen years it has been running. Traditionally commercial landlords demand rents be paid in advance, four times a year, on the quarter days. It is an anachronism dating back hundreds ... »