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Northern Businesses Struggling To Fill Skills Gap

Northern Businesses Struggling To Fill Skills Gap

Northern businesses are struggling to fill the skill gaps within their company and are turning to expensive and ineffective consultants to help them out, according to a report by Zeqr. The survey of 250 enterprise owners has revealed that businesses ‘up North’ spend three times as much on consultants compared to their Southern counterparts – paying external experts £43,000 every year. Northern firms also hire 43% more external consultants than those in the South, with data suggesting that the limited number of consultants based in the North results in less competitive prices and higher fees. Not just a financial burden, Northern enterprises are also wasting a considerable amount of time in ‘engaging experts’ with the average business spending 48 days a year briefing consultants – com... »

Senior Staff Holding Small Businesses Back

Senior Staff Holding Small Businesses Back

Small businesses leaders and senior level staff lack leadership, strategy, innovation, finance and people management skills, according to a new study from Creative Skillset and Ashridge Business School. The ‘Creativity and Constraint’ report says that a lack of skills to drive growth is particularly prevalent in smaller firms due to less training and structured learning, and a lack of understanding of the strategic goals of business. The report, made up of a combination of online and in-person interviews and a literature review, also looked at the best way micro businesses can increase leadership and management strategy – mentoring topped the list. The report’s co-author, Dr Amy Armstrong, provided a comment with the report: “The huge success of the creative industries in the United Kingdo... »

Pending Skills Gap Crisis for UK Businesses

Princes Trust research reveals recruitment stigmas still exist despite 53% of businesses unable to fill positions for a year A Prince’s Trust report revealed that 73% of UK businesses fear that a skills crisis is imminent with over half (53%) of businesses unable to fill positions for a year and 32% experiencing a skills shortage for entry level positions. 63% of the 616 business leaders interviewed stated that they are growing faster than this time last year – citing an ageing workforce and trouble finding the right talent as major concerns due to accelerated growth. Businesses recognise the importance of recruiting and training the younger population, with 72% of employers stating that recruitment of young people is vital to avert crisis. Despite this, research shows that stigmas surroun... »

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Fill the Skills Gap in your Business

WebTV Chat date: Wednesday 8th July Chat time: 2.00pm As the economic downturn forces many companies to let go of highly experienced and skilled members of staff, those left on the payroll are under increasing pressure to fill the void left by their former colleagues. With many businesses also reducing or completely cutting their training budgets – those employees taking on expanded job roles often do so with inadequate training. This leaves a skills gap in many UK companies that could not only be detrimental to business prospects long term, but also leave staff ill-equipped and stressed in the short term. So how can business and HR mangers minimise the effects of this skills deficit? At what point should you invest in more training? And how can you marshal your precious budgets to y... »

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Mature Workers fill Skills Gap

More than 60 per cent of small firms have increased the number of mature workers they employ over the last 12 months, as they cannot find the skills they need in younger recruits, according to employment law firm Peninsula. The research also revealed that 77 per cent of small firms found mature workers to be more loyal and reliable than their younger colleagues, and 78 per cent believed older workers to be effective mentors for younger employees. According to British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) spokesman, Sam Turvey: “At a time when we’re missing key skills among the younger generation, mature workers can add real value to businesses and also contribute by bringing through younger employees,” Since October 2006, age discrimination regulations have made it illegal to treat ... »