Sir Alan Sugar

Business owners are more likely to seek business advice from their spouse

Entrepreneurs drop bankers for family on Business Advice

Business owners are more likely to seek business advice from their spouse than their non-executive director or banker, research by accountancy firm MGR has revealed. The survey found that accountants are business owners’ first choice when seeking business advice (38% of respondents), but that their husband or wife was the second most popular choice (15%). Just one in eight (13%) business owners said they would be most likely to turn to their non-executive director. John Thompson, professor of entrepreneurship at the University of Huddersfield , said: “Family and friends can be good initial sounding boards but there is always a risk they will only tell you what you want to hear,” “But formal and informal contacts will always remain important for the would-be entrepre... »

Yasmina Siadat, Sir Alan Sugar's new Apprentice

Sir Alan Sugar picks New Apprentice

On Friday Sir Alan sugar was appointed as the Government’s new "Enterprise Tsar". On Sunday night Sir Alan picked his latest sidekick from The Apprentice. Almost a year ago Sir Alan chose Lee McQueen who was infamously remembered for lying very badly on his CV in the challenging "interview" episode of the BBC show. This year’s winner is Yasmina Siadat – the one who, again in the tough interview stage of the competition, didn’t know the difference between the gross and net profit of her own business. Battling it out with the other finalist, Kate Walsh, Yasmina won the last task of creating a new brand of chocolates. Despite making strange flavours of her Cocoa Electric brand with the cheapest chocoloate, a one-off novelty factor and a cheesey ad t... »

Sir Alan Sugar to Focus on Enterprise Tsar Role

Sir Alan Sugar to Step Back from Businesses

Sir Alan Sugar is to "step down" from the daily running of his businesses Amshold, his £270 million property portfolio company which will be run by Claude Littner who so infamously grilled the candidates in the interview episode of The Apprentice, and Viglen the computer company, which Sir Alan is chair of but has little direct involvement in. On Friday Gordon Brown, in asurprise move, appointed Sir Alan Sugar as his "Enterprise Tsar". By Sunday the Conservative party were condemning the move as "completely incompatible" with BBC rules despite Sir Alan’s talks with the BBC to ensure he was not in breach of the rules, meaning his role was as "an advisor" not "a policymaker". Speaking to the BBC Jeremy Hunt, the shadow culture min... »

Sir Alan Sugar

Sir Alan Sugar is the New “Enterprise Tsar”

After last week’s political turmoil resulting in a cabinet reshuffle Alistair Darling remains the Chancellor of the Exchequor and Peter Mandelson retains his post as Business Minister. The latest addition to the cabinet has been the most talked-about one in business circles and is the appointment of Sir Alan Sugar as "Enterprise Tsar". In a report on the BBC yesterday, the Conservative party said that Sir Alan’s role was "completely incompatible" with BBC rules. Jeremy Hunt, the shadow minister of culture said of the matter; "Presenting a programme for the BBC and working for the government on the same issue is totally incompatible with the BBC’s rules on political independence and impartiality. "Sir Alan Sugar needs to make a choice between ... »

New series of The Apprentice tonight

New series of The Apprentice tonight

Don’t forget that tonight the fifth series of the eagerly-anticipated The Apprentice airs on BBC One at 9pm. The candidates will be put through the customary process of making muck from brass, demonstrating (or not) their sales, marketing, project management & business skills and hopefully avoiding the ire of Sir Alan Sugar when, at the end of each episode he picks one unlucky candidate, points and growls his catch phrase. The going has already proved to much for one entrepreneurial wannabe this year who, before even setting foot in the boardroom, "bottled it" in the words of Sir Alan. Realising the pressures of being away from his family for 3 months the un-named candidate simply bailed out. There are now just 15 candidates in this series "It makes my job easier&q... »

Lee McQueen - The Apprentice

Alan Sugar Picks New Apprentice

After 11 weeks of hearing "You’re Fired!" last night Sir Alan Sugar chose his fourth protegé from The Apprentice. And, surprising as it may seem, Alan Sugar’s pick from The Apprentice is recuitment manager Lee McQueen who only last week was caught for lying (and rather badly too) on his CV. Giving up his £78,000 salary from last year, Lee becomes Sir Alan’s new apprentice on £100,000 a year after he heard the words "You’re Hired!" After being tasked to create a men’s fragrance against fellow hopefuls Alex Wotherspoon, Claire Young and Helen Speight, Lee’s pitch was deemed the most convincing by tycoon Sir Alan Sugar. Lee McQueen will probably never need to lie on his CV again and nows plans a quick holiday in South ... »