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Winning Customers Without Blowing the Budget

For anyone selling online, and this is especially true for smaller merchants, there is a simple truth: without visitors your site is worthless. This may sound a little harsh but it’s a fundamental truth, visitors’ generally equal sales. However, attracting visitors in these frugal times is an art form. Long gone are the days of throwing wads of cash at Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising schemes; the smart online marketer looks for ways to grow site visitors organically. Here are my top tips for growing site visits without blowing your budget. 1. Article Marketing In days gone by, I always recommended that a merchant set up a blog and spend some quality time writing about themselves, their products or the service they offer. This hasn’t changed, blogging is great for business, constantly chang... »

Small Businesses Offered Free Marketing Strategy Guidance

Business Link has urged small businesses to take advantage of the free guidance it offers to help them develop new marketing ideas as a way of dealing with the economic downturn. »

Web service answers Business questions

Web service answers Business questions

Business directory FreeIndex has launched a free online tool offering small firms personalised business advice from a panel of industry experts. To use the service, businesses are required to register on the FreeIndex website. They can then post a question on the website and a FreeIndex business expert will provide an answer within 24 hours. Seven areas are covered by FreeIndex experts, which include business development, sales and marketing, internet and IT, finance, legal issues, employment and premises advice. As well as getting advice from industry specialists, other businesses registered on the site are able to contribute their tips and comment, and users can search through past advice topics. “With 5,000 new businesses joining every four weeks we wanted to offer something extra... »

Improving Your New Business Efforts

Misconception Always be cautious of the assumption that you have a healthy pipeline. Sales fortunes can transform rapidly so never limit your sales efforts through complacency. Remember the following… Don’t: Think that your sector of business does not warrant a devoted sales focus Assume your client base or prospect pipeline is healthy enough to ignore Rely on referrals and responses to advertisements Depend on the same sized companies or sectors for business Do: Recognise the importance of selling ability to any business Grow your client base at every opportunity Be proactive, take ownership of your new business acquisition Approach new markets and secure bigger contracts Try To C.L.O.S.E. The C.L.O.S.E. acronym emphasises the fundamentals of improving your sales conduct. C is... »