remote working

How Many SMEs Support Flexible and Remote Working?

A survey released by Interactive Intelligence this week has revealed that 50% of enterprise level businesses positively encourage flexible and remote working and claim to have a well-developed technology platform in place to support it. Yet whilst more than half of the c-level IT decision maker respondents say that they have policies in place, only 18% are moving towards a fully integrated technology offering. The new findings reinforce the prediction made earlier in the year by the analyst firm Gartner, which believes that by 2012, 20% of businesses will own no IT assets, a trend that is in part being driven by the fact that more and more employees are operating personal desktops and notebook systems on corporate networks. The survey, which was carried out for Interactive Intelligence by ... »

Rural Small Business

Rural firms urgently need Government help

Small firms in rural areas are preparing themselves for a tough Christmas and believe the Government has done little to help them through the economic downturn. Research from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) revealed that nearly 60% of small rural firms are expecting their Christmas trade to be down on this time last year. Four out of five said the Government has done nothing to help them. FSB national chairman, John Wright, said that rural businesses needed immediate support if they were to survive the economic downturn. “These figures show that small businesses in rural Britain are the silent victims of the credit crunch,” “The rural economy needs urgent short–term action to help it beat the squeeze, along with a real commitment to deal with the long&ndash... »

Efficient Driving – Reducing the Need to Travel

Working Remotely Thanks to email and the internet, remote working is a practical proposition for many employees and allows them to fulfil their work commitments without the need to either travel to the office or your clients’ offices. Whilst this method of business is not suitable for every individual or business scenario, practices such as working at home and video conferencing at least make remote working an alternative worthy of consideration. The benefits of working remotely Reduces the need to travel – either to work or a client meeting – which saves time, money and the environment. Even working from home once a fortnight reduces an employee’s commuting time by 10%. Improved quality of life for employees, because it is easier to combine work and family commitme... »