ASA to be Responsible for Regulation of Online Marketing

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has reminded businesses to review their marketing material on social media profiles and websites to ensure it is not misleading, as it will extend its remit to monitor these channels from 1 March 2011. Businesses will have to ensure that their site and social media presence comply with the non-broadcast advertising rules set out in the Commission of Advertising Practice (CAP) code. Although the ASA cannot fine businesses, it can ask them to remove advertising and will publicise those that have breached best practice. The CAP Code states that any marketing information that businesses publish must be “legal, decent, honest and truthful”. This includes that any claims they make about their firm can be backed up with evidence – for example, stating tha... »

Regulation – transport, storage and distribution sector

Introduction This guide covers the main areas of legislation that are of particular importance to businesses in the transport, storage and distribution sector. Some of the areas that are covered by special legislation include: drivers’ working hours taxi licensing storing fuel As a starting point for finding out more information about general legislation that may affect your business, use Business Link’s interactive regulation checklist to create a personalised list of regulations that affect your business. This document is based on Crown Copyright © 2004-2011 »