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CRM – Whose Data Is it Anyway?

The data your company holds is one of your most important assets, too important to be trusted just to a proprietary system. We’ve taken a few calls from friends in the last month along the lines of “I’ve bought a new iPod and now it won’t play my old music files”. The reason is because Apple encrypts its music files using its proprietary DRM (Digital Rights Management) which can prevent a music file being played on any other device as an anti-piracy measure including, until the problem was sorted, our friends’ new iPods. Now this is not the right forum for a debate on the rights and wrongs of DRM, but it did bring home to us the importance of ensuring that you can always access your data. Over the years we all accumulate data and often it is held in a pr... »

CRM – Six Things a CEO Should Know About CRM

Introduction Apart from the detailed functionality, there are six criteria that a CEO should make sure are addressed before the company commits to a new system. 1. Will the evaluation succeed? If one department runs the evaluation, chances are the other departments won’t want to use the system. If everybody is involved in the choice, the final solution risks being overly complicated and will die a slow death once rolled out. Make sure you get the balance right between keeping everybody happy and committee paralysis. 2. Will my people use it? Sadly, the number one cause of CRM failure is that the people on the ground won’t use it. Make sure that system is fast and easy to use, does not have features that get in the way of useability, that people are bought in to the project, tha... »