Demand for Acas Early Conciliation Service Continues to Rise

Latest statistics show Acas received just over a third more referrals for Pre Claim Conciliation (PCC) between April and December 2010 than in the whole year from April 2009 to March 2010. Over three quarters of disputes that are appropriately referred for PCC do not go on to become tribunal claims. Disputes almost always affect morale, reduce productivity and ultimately undermine growth for small businesses. To reduce the time and money businesses spend on conflict the Government has recently proposed that all potential tribunal claims are submitted to Acas for early conciliation first. Acas estimates that resolving a claim through its early conciliation service saves a business on average £5,200 when staff time and legal costs are factored in, compared to dealing with a dispute onc... »

Free Conciliation Service Saves Small Businesses £5k in Legal Costs, says Acas

Small businesses are saving an average of £5,000 by using Acas’ free conciliation service to resolve workplace disputes, the employment advisory service has claimed. An Acas survey of more than 1,000 small firms using the Pre-Claim Conciliation (PCC) service between April and December 2009 found that users saved an average of £5,200, compared to the cost of resolving a dispute if an employment tribunal claim is made. The figure includes the cost of legal advice and representation, as well as staff time, but does not include the cost of settlements or tribunal awards. Firms can use the PCC service to tackle grievances, dismissals and disciplinary issues to prevent them from going to employment tribunal. While mediation helps resolve more general employment problems, conciliation is used whe... »