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Overseas Workers Plug Skills Gaps - The Borderless Workforce: 2008

Overseas Workers Plug Skills Gaps

Employers are increasingly relying on overseas workers to fill skills gaps, with 20 per cent of businesses now employing migrant workers compared to 12 per cent in 2006, a new report from Manpower has shown. The Manpower report Borderless Workforce (525k PDF) showed that the UK is now the most popular country after the US to which global workers relocate. “The UK has a widely recognised skills shortage which many employers are struggling with,” said Manpower UK managing director, Mark Cahill. “As pressures from an ageing workforce and low birth–rate grow, these shortages will become more apparent,” he continued. “The challenge is how to address the situation. Employers are looking to new labour sources – older workers, part–time workers and f... »