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Online Market Research: DIY or Use an Agency?

For a business that needs to gain a general view from a large cross-section of the population, and in as short a time as possible, there is no doubt that online research offers a viable benefit. This affordable way to test one’s target market is ideal for new business startups and can play a vital role in obtaining financial support for your company. Do It Yourself or with an Agency? The DIY method will allow you to carry out quantitative online market research (surveys) for little cost. It is definitely a method to consider when it comes to researching one’s market but it is also important to know how it differs from agency solutions. Here are some differences: The agency would provide you with access to a precise and qualitative panel, ensuring you of a sample of your target market. Unle... »

Online Market Research

The current economic climate is having an impact on businesses large and small. Many are suffering while others are discovering new opportunities. Several people who lost their job think about launching their own business. What is clear is that the uncertainty means that researching a business’ market has never been more important. Market research is an important tool for any person who wants to launch a business and for small firms looking to grow their business by launching new products or services. Market research involves scientifically-led studies to collect necessary market information, enabling entrepreneurs to make the right commercial decisions. It’s an essential stage in the business start-up process but many entrepreneurs don’t do it – not least because o... »