Sunday Trading Laws Relaxed for the Olympics

Sunday trading laws will be relaxed during the Olympics and Paralympics to allow firms to benefit, the Government has announced. From 22 July to 9 September 2012, Sunday trading laws, which usually stop high-street, mall and retail park stores opening for more than six hours, will be relaxed. Small shops — with a floor area of less than 280 square meters — are already allowed to stay open all day. There are no special Sunday restrictions on what goods can be sold. Prior to the announcement, Chancellor George Osborne told the BBC: “We’ve got the whole world coming to London and the rest of the country for the Olympics. It would be a great shame — particularly when some of the big Olympic events are on Sunday — if the country had a closed for business sign... »

How Small Business Can Get In on the Olympics

How SMEs can get involved with British athletes and benefit from the greatest show on earth Show date: Wednesday July 20th Show time: 9am As a fan you are probably looking forward to London 2012 with hope and excitement for Team GB. But as a business owner/manager you may assume that there is no way you can get involved in the greatest show on earth. The assumption may be that a handful of multinationals have all of the sponsorship deals sewn up and there is no opportunity for SMEs to be part of this once in a lifetime event, even though many are located in and around Olympic towns and cities. In fact that isn’t the case and there are ways you can get involved. With just over a year to go, a new programme, Our Team 2012, is promising even the smallest firms a chance to share in the o... »

CBI urges Olympic Organisers to Involve SMEs

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has urged the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) to get more small firms involved in the 2012 London Olympic Games by raising awareness about contract opportunities. Research from the CBI revealed that 60 per cent of London firms with less than 100 employees do not expect the Olympics to directly benefit their business, and only 24 per cent believe the Games will help their firm in any way. The CBI said the Games are a once in a lifetime opportunity for UK businesses, and small firms from all sectors need to be made aware of the opportunities available. “The Olympic organisers should build on their efforts to ensure the opportunities are relayed clearly to all businesses, regardless of their size or sector,” said CBI director-general Ri... »